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Today I had the opportunity to meet with my dear friend Donna from Terrafolia.  Donna has been a floral designer for the last 15 years and is my go-to-person for everything floral.  I was fortunate enough to get the grand tour of the shop and to meet the team behind the beautiful creations.

Donna was working on an upcoming wedding today and was gracious enough to let me watch her at work.  As she worked, we discussed this season’s wedding trends.  Vibrancy is the look this season; purples and oranges, red and berries, and jewel tones.  Weddings are becoming and more and more personalized these days and brides are growing out of trends, however roses are still the #1 flower of choice and white and green are still classics.  Donna advised not to mix too many flowers and that a variety of 3 flowers is more than enough, otherwise your arrangements might look too busy.

Your decor and centrepieces will be one of the first thing your guests will notice when walking into the reception; this is a great way for couples to express their individuality and tastes.  Picking a colour palette can be challenging and chances are you may change your mind more than once; therefor it is best to consider what flowers and colours to choose after you have picked out your bridal party’s attire.  If you are having a large venue, it is wise to start visiting your florist 6 months prior to your wedding, or 4 months for smaller venues.

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